Solar Panel Detach & Reset Services

Roofing repairs and replacements on a home with solar panels is a complex process. Before your roof can be replaced, the solar panels must be removed by trained professionals.

Not all roofing companies have a team in place to remove and reset solar panels – Roofing Solutions does! We will remove your panels with care and then ensure they are reinstalled in their original location.

Solar Detach and Reset Process

The solar detach and reset process involves several steps:

  1. Disconnecting– The solar panels are carefully disconnected from the system and detached from the mounting brackets by a certified solar technician.
  2. Storing – Once the panels are detached, they will be carefully protected on-site until they are ready to be reinstalled.
  3. Reconnecting– Solar panels are reset and reconnected to the mounting brackets. Proper alignment is required to ensure that they are angled correctly for maximum sunlight exposure.
  4. Testing – Your solar system will be tested to ensure it functions properly. This will include checking the energy production levels, examining wiring and other equipment and making necessary adjustments to optimize your system’s performance.

Trust Roofing Solution’s certified solar technicians to detach and reset your solar panels the right way on your next roofing repair or replacement project.