Why Is My Chimney Leaking & Who Do I Call To Fix It?

Nov 6, 2023

There are 2 main reasons you may be experiencing a chimney leak.

Improperly Installed Flashing

Flashing is the metal edging you see around the base of your chimney. It is meant to direct water away from the areas where your chimney meets the roof. If it is installed properly, it should ensure a watertight seal. However, if it is improperly installed, water can penetrate this area and seep into your home.

Deterioration of Flashing Over Time

Even if it was properly installed, flashing has a lifespan – just like all of your roofing components. If your flashing has deteriorated due to age, water may begin to penetrate this area and will need to be addressed immediately.

Now that you know the likely cause of your chimney leak, who do you call to fix it?

While a chimney company might be the first thought in your mind, they mainly deal with the innerworkings of your chimney system. A roofing company deals with the outer workings – flashing, siding, bricks, etc. If you are experiencing a roof leak or know someone who is, Roofing Solutions should be your first call. We can identify the source of your leak and address any other areas of concern that we encounter.