What is a Chimney Cricket? .. and Why Do I Need One?

Aug 18, 2022

An example of intelligent roofing is using a chimney cricket as a means of waterproofing the chimney.

A chimney cricket, or saddle is a triangular ridge that transitions horizontally between the slope of the roof and the back sidewall of the chimney.

Typical chimney flashing sometimes is not enough to avert high water rains from breaching inside as the rushing waters run down slope.

The purpose of a chimney cricket is to divert water that may otherwise pool on the backside of the chimney, or race downward during harsh rainstorms and breach the flashing/counterflashing.

This is where the cricket or saddle in a chimney comes in. The customer in the below photos had a seven year leak issue around the chimney that no one could property diagnose except for multiple attempts to caulk and re-caulk over and over again, costing her multiple service calls and aggravation, and interior damages. Since our service call and the construction of her chimney cricket in 2015 she has not experienced any more water getting into her home!

Chimney Cricket vs. Chimney Saddle

Are you wondering what the difference is between a chimney cricket and a saddle ?

The triangular flashing on the chimney is also called a chimney saddle.

However, the word chimney cricket is the undisputed word most people use to refer to the miniature roof-like flashing installed on the space behind the chimney.

But, no one knows or is sure of where the word originated from. Nonetheless, the two terms are interchangeably used to refer to the same thing.

A chimney saddle aka the chimney cricket is installed to help naturally divert rainwater and snow.

The usual way to waterproof your roof is to install roof flashings around the chimney; step flashing or counter flashing are installed to curb water leakages.

But these chimney flashings are no match when there is too much rain or ice buildup, which is where chimney saddles come in as it creates two slopes for water to flow away from the chimney wall.

When installing or repairing a chimney cricket, involve trained professionals proficient in framing & roofing, like the good guys at Roofing Solutions

Roof And Chimney Maintenance

Many homeowners look away from regular roof maintenance when the roof has no apparent damage to warrant a leakage. But remember that any minor damage could potentially cause more damages on the interior if allowed to gain entry into your home.

Roofing Solutions evaluates chimney conditions along with the roof evaluations it performs.

Roofing Solutions excels at siding and chimney repairs and rehabilitation, including a good coat of paint to ensure the best water barrier protecting the integrity of your chimney trim & siding.

A chimney that is in good shape not only saves your pocket but also ensures the integrity of your property and safety of your household as it protects against water intrusion.

Call Roofing Solutions for all your Chimney Rehabilitation and Chimney Repair needs – This is where we provide excellent customer service to you and your home.