We Are Committed To Our Customers

Apr 6, 2020

As Forbes said in the March 23rd edition, “We are social, with a need for belonging that is powerful and primitive. The roots of connection are within us and are a matter of our survival. Belonging is not only a motivating component of workplace collaboration; it is the brain’s key driver.

We are committed to our customers.

We do not want to lose touch with them as they are the ones we are here to serve.

Roofing Solutions is an essential business – hailstorms and weather-related events are not affected by any virus.

North Texas storms happen.

Our excellent customer service isn’t affected either. We treat our customers as we always have and always will, with the upmost respect….and now, in our current environment with some physical distancing for your protection and ours as well….

We are sincerely honored to serve you, and count on you as our good customers – many of whom we’ve roofed several times over and upgraded your property multiple times over the last decade…..Thank You For Calling!

Before the storms come around, remember:

  • Roofing Solutions offers professional, leak repair and roof repair services.
  • Leaks and Water Intrusion into your home are the origin of a variety of costly problems.
  • We will always provide you the best service.
  • We will always produce quality results.
  • We are thankful for your trust, your business and your referrals!

Stay safe and Do Your Part to help Slow the Spread – We’ll See You Soon!