Understanding Roofing Warranties

Oct 12, 2023

There are 2 types of roof warranties: Manufacturer’s Warranties and Workmanship Warranties.

Manufacturer’s Warranties cover the cost of roofing materials, like shingles, due to premature wear or defects or faulty manufacturing. These warranties vary widely – from 1 year or as long as the entire time you own your home/roof, depending on the product you choose.

Some lifetime warranties are transferrable to new owners, which can be especially helpful if you are replacing your roof in order to sell.

Material warranties seldom include the cost of labor to make repairs, even if they are due to faulty manufacturing.

Roofing Solutions can help you make an informed choice.

Just as the name implies, a Workmanship Warranty  protects you against errors in installation.

We, Roofing Solutions, offer a workmanship warranty on every roof we replace!

Our warranty exceeds the industry standard and we will match any competitors Workmanship Warranty in writing.

A workmanship warranty is as critical as your product material coverage because even the best roofing material in the world can fail if it is not installed properly.

Lengths of workmanship warranties can vary greatly depending on the contractor. There can be workmanship warranties that range anywhere from 2 to10 years. So essentially, any leaks resulting from improper installation, those repairs would be covered.

Workmanship warranties give you great peace of mind, and the longer the warranty, the more evidence that you’ve chosen a trustworthy contractor.

Warranty Exclusions

Some common exclusions from both workmanship and material warranties include:

  1. Failing to properly maintain your roof. The life span of a roof is dependent in part, on how well you maintain it. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are operating properly and are free of debris. Trim back any trees or other obstructions that may come in contact with your roof or gutters.
  2. Natural disasters. Storm damage from hail and high winds are examples.
  3. Forgetting to register your warranty with the manufacturer. Here at Roofing Solutions, we walk our customers through this important process.