Roofing Solutions Sees Long Term Results From Our Work and Product

Nov 14, 2022

Many times, we have the opportunity to evaluate roofs. This task is a daily service that we provide, and most of the roof evaluations are of other’s work.

Oftentimes I’ll get up there, look at the details, the workmanship, the roof condition and say to the customer “that’s a pretty good ol’ roof here, you’re in good shape”.

Sometimes I have to critique a roof that may be installed incorrectly or products that are not holding up as they should.

What is really great is the occasions I have to look at a roof that we installed.

Recently, I had the opportunity to revisit a home in May, that we installed the roof, over a decade ago. It was over in Richardson, just off of Abrams & Walnut near Richland College.

This roof has withstood several different hail events, and the devastating tornados of 2019 – directly in the path of the tornado that ran from Walnut Hill / Harry Hines all the way across Dallas and pulled up near Sachse.

This neighborhood was destroyed.

Soon after, we received the call from Mr. Abbot to come by and check roof conditions. Navigating to the home was through several police barricades and some terrible visuals of the powers of nature and the effects of a bad tornado on structures. Homes were blown away on some corners.

What a wonderful feeling it was to be on that roof that we installed over a decade ago, and see that it’s holding up in superb fashion despite the brutal Texas weather (heat / sun / wind / hail / tornado).

Some it may be luck, but, some of it is Roofing Solutions. The quality roofing solutions that we provide to our customers – from the products we use, to the men we have installing the roof.

This was a really neat, reassuring example to observe the longevity of our product and performance, even through some off the chart weather events.

It was a great feeling for me, and I’m sure that feeling is just as welcome for our customers.