Roofing Solutions is a Service Company

Sep 8, 2022

Contractors and the construction industry sometimes get a bad rep when it comes to customer service. For some contractors this might be an appropriate portrayal. Certainly, we battle against the cloud raised by the knuckleheads in the wake of their bad business and poor customer service. But, for those of us here in this office, we’re in the business of providing quality service and producing quality results.

So what do we do differently?

We provide a service to help with a need, and then deliver on what is promised. It’s really as simple as that. Delivering a project to a customer, on time, within the budget, according to the scope, and accomplishing the expected quality shouldn’t be a congratulatory feat. It should be the minimum standard delivered to every customer.

Sure, things come up here and there on a project … rebuilding structure and upgrading properties after decades of use and abuse is not an exact science … unseen damages, change orders, weather delays or material delivery issues happen. What then?

We provide accurate communications to ensure our good customers are kept up to date on their project – and our desire to provide  excellent customer service compels us to do this, even when an unforeseen, or unfortunate circumstance comes to light.

We do good business, fueled by quality service and driven daily to achieve quality results. We are grateful for a loyal base of agents, realtors, property management companies and homeowner referrals who entrust us with their family, friends and clients.

Experience, character, our proficiency to manage the project and to meet the expectations of our customers is cultivated from almost 30 years of successful construction experience.

It is our wish to create customers for life.

It is our goal to alleviate the anxiety of having to choose a contractor, and to be the one call you can make with confidence that we will bring Honesty, Integrity & Quality to your door.