Reasons Why Roof Maintenance Is Important

Jun 13, 2019

Your home’s roof may be the most integral part of the house, a part of your home which certainly protects you and your interior from weather and exterior challenges. Your roof is exposed to rain, heat, dust, humidity, hail, wind and snow.  As being the largest and possibly the most important part of your house, your roof needs regular inspection and maintenance.

Neglecting roof maintenance can shorten a roof lifespan. Commercial roof warranties declare mandatory annual inspections to keep valuable warranties intact and enforceable.

  1. Roof maintenance saves your money:
    In a regular inspection, you might spend a small amount addressing maintenance issues that arise. Potentially this proactive measure will save you from spending a lot of money when your roof becomes deteriorated, or if flashing fails and water intrusion into the home occurs damaging the interior. Maintenance saves you money, maintenance is proactive against occurring roof failures, maintenance potentially alleviates the huge inconvenience of having interior repairs needed due to water intrusion into your home or business.
  2. Maintenance reduces risk:
    If small defects or failures in the roof are neglected, these small issues can get worse. Water intrusion can affect the structural stability of your roof deck, framing or exterior trim components. Roof inspection lets you know the details about your roof, and what type of maintenance it needs and when.
  3. Regular roof maintenance maintains the beauty of your house:
    The roof increases the appeal of your house by 30% as it typically has a design that compliments your house. Roofing Solutions includes the painting and protection of metal roof accessories in our maintenance practice to help enhance your roof aesthetics as well as protection. Regular maintenance is a fantastic way to retain the overall beauty of your roof.
  4. Protects warranty coverage:
    There are many manufacturers who require roof inspection once or twice a year along with documentation, especially in the commercial realm of products. And, if you are unable to keep roof maintenance, you might not be able to claim your roof warranty should a problem arise.
  5. Helps the environment:
    Maintenance of your roof is important to save the lifespan of your home and to protect everyone in your home. There are many roofing products and materials that while they protect the structure in great fashion, they  may contain non-biodegradable material and other harmful material which is considered to have an impact on the environment. By keeping your existing roof maintained, you can be a helping hand in keeping the environment clean and reducing landfill and debris being dumped.