Drone Technology in the Roofing Industry

Feb 21, 2020

Drone technology in the roofing industry has expanded. Recently, we earned our commercial drone license to help provide even greater quality roof inspections and aerial imagery services to our customers. Since the use of this technology is still new to our industry, we wanted to promote and communicate some benefits of utilizing UAV technology in some of our roofing inspections.

How is drone technology used in roofing? 

A drone, also called a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), is an aerial vehicle piloted remotely for take-off, flight, and landing.

Most drones are equipped with high-quality cameras allowing them to snap pictures and videos while being flown. These cameras are linked, to a screen on the remote control and the operator can see and choose the images they capture while their drone is in flight.  We pursued using drone technology to enhance our services and provide added benefits to our customers.

Drone technology allows access to hard to reach and hard to see areas 

Some structures have complex, or inaccessible points that need to be viewed and inspected, steep roofing, or obstructions that can pose issues for comprehensive inspections. Utilizing drone technology in these scenarios minimize cost and maximize the safety by allowing us to reach  difficult areas.

Aerial Imagery

Aerial imagery can be costly and drone technology in the roofing industry has really helped contractors gain access to current aerial photographs of a property. Aerial imagery is used for documenting property conditions, taking measurements, plans for property development, and to help highlight the draining patterns of flat or commercial roof buildings.

By offering drone technology to support some of our roof inspections, the professionals at Roofing Solutions can help save you time, money, and offer valuable interpretations of drainage patterns and the overall roofing system of any residential or commercial properties.