Commonly Asked Questions About Hail Damage Repair

Apr 24, 2019

Hailstorms can cause significant damage to your roof.

How is hail damage different from other roof repair services?

Damage from hailstorms is unique because of the nature of the damage caused. It’s not always immediately apparent from a visual inspection from the ground of hail damage. Damage from downed tree limbs are generally easily visible, where damage from hail is not. Our team has the experience, knowledge, and are trained to recognize hail damage and can advise on the extent of the damage, and advise on the appropriate repairs – if needed.

A hailstorm just came through our neighborhood, but my roof looks fine. Do I really need to have it checked?

If you have a standard shingle roof, the damage from hail is not always obvious. There may be very shallow dents in the shingles that cannot be seen except upon a close visual inspection. If the dents from the hailstorm are deep enough to “bruise” the waterproofing layer, the smallest puncture could allow rainwater through the roof deck and into the attic, causing significant water damage.

Can I just inspect my own roof?

No. Most homeowners do not have the safety knowledge and in-depth roofing expertise to do the inspection properly, and might even make the situation worse. Experienced roofing professionals know how to conduct a roofing inspection safely and thoroughly and can offer the most appropriate and cost effective solutions.

What happens after you inspect my roof?

Our team will conduct a comprehensive inspection on the outside of the roof, as well as possibly inside your attic, if needed. We will then discuss our findings with you and come up with a repair and maintenance plan, along with a no-pressure written estimate. It is also our standard operating procedure to help you with any insurance claims.