August Heat

Aug 9, 2021

What a wonderful cool Texas we have had thus far ~

However, July seems to have opened the door to summertime Texas temperatures that we all know and love, and sometimes need to be careful with.

When our Texas heat really starts to settle in, we occasionally overlook how dangerous the heat can be.

Here in the last couple weeks, we’ve realized that the acclimation period is upon us here at Roofing Solutions.Our response has been to be careful with our guys in the field here the last couple weeks. We’re taking more breaks, we’re monitoring our guys fluid intake and making sure ice & water are aplenty on every job. On our larger projects with greater difficulty our scheduling is being adjusted as well.

For the folks not on the roof, the same precautions may be heeded – Staying out in the sun too long can lead to detrimental heat sickness at worst, and a bad case of sunburn at best.

There are many ways to combat the heat. Staying hydrated is also something that is extremely important when dealing with the summer. Drinking water is good common sense, but it should be emphasized even more during our summer. Being dehydrated can lead to minor things like feeling fatigued and having a headache, and those minor inconveniences can affect your mental health. Low energy levels prevent you from being the best version of yourself. Being dehydrated is extremely unhealthy anyway. Know your body, take care of you, take care of your good family.

Staying cool and hydrated, sometimes, can be easily forgotten in our busyness. It has been about a year since we have really got out into the summer, and now, our real Texas summer seems to be easing in. So, keep an eye on your health and exposure to the heat.

Texas heat is known for being brutal, but if you know how to beat it, summer can be relaxing and enjoyable and then we all come out stronger.